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So here we are again, facing another New Year -2014. It’s the busiest time (post Christmas) for initial enquiries into getting your wedding photography quotes in – and wisely so!

There’s lots of competition out there for your hard earned and carefully saved money (or the loan!) and I would like to offer you some guarantees to re-assure you in the booking process.

Firstly, thanks for stopping by the website! Here you will find a lot of information on what kind of photography I do and what packages I offer to my clients.

Wedding photography is so diverse these days…almost anything goes and is possible. The ‘old’ ways of conventional, by the numbers wedding shoots are very much a thing of the past. Today, it’s all about creativity, expression and high quality products to show off the fabulous day you have planned for so long to one and all.

From lovingly designed albums from some of Europe’s best album makers right through to the choice of camera and lens – each step of the See Me Photography journey is designed to maximise your budget and create beautiful images presented beautifully!

Each wedding is treated as the unique event it really is and each bride and groom are the stars on the day. But so too are all the friends and family in attendance, the venue itself and all the magic and fun of the day itself. There’s not a part of your wedding day we don’t take an opportunity to photograph (although of course there may be events you’d rather leave as private moments and that’s entirely up to you..

Discretion, taste and good manners are the watchword for my company and it’s representatives on the day…


So please drop me an email or pick up the phone and we can book a consultation and get the process underway. Time is valuable and it will be the day itself much quicker than you realise!! I know!!


All the best




Was it something I said?

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