Spring Cottage Wedding Shots

I’ve managed to get through Christmas and New Year with only 6 lbs added! Good job!  The DVD disc with all Jonny and Katie’s files went off in the post a day ot two ago.

The files were burnt as corrected colour and monochrome images and I included a browser disc as its good to view files on TV (with file names) to pick favourites.

Spring Cottage certainly proved challenging as the cold and late time of the day meant little time was enjoyed shooting portraits out of doors.. with all that amazing snow and sun too!!

But I’ll file away some of the best stuff to work on a bit later.  Cliveden itself was magnificent. Lucky photographers who  get to shoot there on a regular basis!

I’m beginning to see that clients who ask for images on disc need quite a bit of coaching as to what digital files are all about.. whats possible and what’s not.

The full size camera files are big chunks of data.. they need a good computer to work with them. People’s monitors aren’t colour corrected by an large.. so there may be big differences in appearance from my home screen to theirs..

Final lab or book printing may vary in quality… lots of variables. At least with a wedding album/storybook all the images are perfect on each page and in my control!!

Long live albums!!

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