Richmond Hill

The stunning views!! The weather that held off..(mostly) the gorgeous bride and dashing groom… sometimes this job is fun all the way!!

I’ll post more after Richard and Nadine return from their honeymoon in Japan..(lucky, lucky, lucky!!)

The Petersham Hotel  in Richmond (in the background) hosted the reception.. lovely place. Perched on the side of Richmond Hill

with amazing views over the Thames its certainly a luxurious place to sip tea despite a curious food policy in the bar .

Actually, the day began at the Art Deco Wandsworth Council Offices.. where the ceremony took place and some great shots were taken (to be posted soon!)

before a journey across South London to Richmond. I always dread cross London trips on Wedding days and sure enough Putney High Street was closed so the Garmin took over and hauled me THE LONG WAY ROUND to The Petersham Hotel.

Stick to Tom Tom’s… much better (other Satellite Navigation Systems are available)..

That gorgeous low September light really held out for us.. Richard and Nadine made willing participants as they strolled through the grass on Richmond Hill…

I’d better stop writing and get back to editing.. there’s a lot of work to do before the weekend!!!

Can I live there I wonder?

Many thanks to Steve Murray for lending his talents to the day as photographer…check out his website on the Links page.

Richard and Nadine White

Richard and Nadine on Richmond Hill 2010

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