Wedding Photography Fee Explained

The PRICELIST is available HERE.

The function of this page is to really explain the true costs of what it means to be a professional photographer and album designer in todays wedding market here in the UK.

A lot of people ask about the ‘value’ of what we do (by we I mean Professional photographers with a capital P folks!) so I’d like to explain MY costs as best I can.

A ‘normal’ wedding scenario runs something like this:

An enquiry for information involving availability, services offered and costs which is followed at some stage (if that information is acceptable ) by a meeting to show work and meet each other (an important process as the photographer will be on hand all day long!).

Sometimes there will be a further meeting closer to the wedding date to refresh conatct and discuss schedules face to face but regardless of this  there is usually a fair amount of email or telephone dialogue to outline plans and timings etc.

The wedding day itself. The travel to the venue. The arrangements for an assistant/second photographer to attend. Recording events throughout the whole day (8 hours or more is typical) from preparations to first dance..who else is there attending throughout in a working capacity?

The initial editing of images, backups and paperwork to secure the valuable photographs.

The in depth editing to assemble a definitive storyline.. general colour corrections and some retouching of general tones.

A final edit to refine any outstanding shots (this may sometimes involve retouching of obvious image flaws such as wall signs and waste bins in images etc)

Uploading to the web gallery.

Creating discs of images (if ordered).

Negotiating wedding album choices and beginning the design process of creating proof of album pages from selected images using Indesign.

Refining album design to suit clients desire.

Final design output of finished album.

Ordering of album and creation of album slideshow if required..

So.. for an ‘average’ 8 hour wedding the total number of man hours runs close to 50 I’d estimate here at this studio…

Take the fee charged and divide by this number… suddenly seems pretty amazing value and thats without the one PRICELESS ingredient in all of the above.. what your money is really buying is the talent to create amazing photographs all day long.. images that are truly special and a league apart from the ‘average’…after all its not just an ‘average’ person your committing your life to is it?

Think on it…then call me!!