Photography Training in London

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Photography Training in London.

I’m happy to announce I will be taking bookings shortly for London Photo Training -a company set up to offer training, teaching and mentoring in all aspects of ‘creative photography’.

My pedigree is thus: 30 years of practical experience within the photographic industry as bott a practicing photographer (press, portrait, stock,travel, wedding and forensic) and also several stints as a technician within the photo finishing and darkroom ends of the former analogue business.

For the past 15 years I have taught camera skills and familiarisation courses to people within the world of criminal investigation. This involves taking camera-phobic individuals and getting them to a place where they understand the equipment and can produce results good enough to enter the UK courts on prosecution cases.

I have always had the great feedback from these events so I decided to ‘branch out’ a little and take my love of all things ‘photography’ into the mainstream with some courses, workshops and events.

London Photography Training. New courses soon to be announced. Contact Gary Heiss on 07595550352 for further schedule details.

Comprehensive tuition for beginners to digital photography. More progressive training or intermediate photographers.
Photoshop and Lightroom workshops.

My aim is to excite people with the creative possibilities of digital photography as a hobby, a means of self-expression and as a tool for ‘creating’- be that landscapes, portraits or documentary images.. anything!

This website is fundementally about See Me photography- my wedding and portrait business but the site will be running within a month or two.

 The principal areas I will be covering initially will be as follows:

1. Basic camera skills. What DO all those little numbers and symbols mean? How to use them to make the kind of photographs we want to make. How to be in control of the camera and not over-awed by its technology.

2. Taking things a step further- being able to pre-visualise an effect and make it happen. It could be a wonderful portrait with shallow focus or a biting sharp architectural study. How to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO to obtain the results we want.

3. The chain...taking our images and using a computer to save them correctly. Keywording, processing and getting ready for printing or slideshows.

4. Photography as ‘Art’. What makes a great photograph? Using examples from some of the greats..and even our own images we can discover that photographs work on our emotions in many subtle ways. We can learn from these discoveries and attempt to bring into our work a more creative understanding of the medium.

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