London Wedding Photography. Take a look!

London Wedding Photography is a real melting pot of styles and fashions, perhaps more so than anywhere else in the world. We have so many cultures, so many religions and so many ideas on how to transform the day into something magical.

Photographing weddings in London is both an honour and a challenge. Of course being entrusted to document and interpret your day is something very special and trust me when I say we approach each commission with equal verve and excitement.

The challenge is in making this big bustling metropolis a real star in its own right on the day. There are the art deco features of Wandsworth Register Office with its sweeping marble staircase and 1930’s lighting to the sprawling vistas of Richmond Hill overlooking the Thames or swooping up to Berkeley Square and the elegance of the Georgian facades that surroun it.

London wedding photography needs careful planning…travel from venue to reception can be me I know! It takes a bit of expertise to be able to recommend timings for photography throughout the day so all those great creative images I am known for have their time and place..a word of advice-be realistic about how much time your allowing for photography and video. If it’s more important to spend time with your guests then please don’t factor in too many group shots. These take a lot of time to set up and complete. Arrange for the one big group and immediate family. The rest will be covered informally in the other images we will then have more time to take.

Take a look throughout my portfolio and past blog posts as some of the weddings I photographed in London over the past few years.

I live in the borders of Furzedown/Balham, South London and have lived and worked in this great city for over 30 years. Its always an amazing backdrop!

The Venues pages feature some of the stunning locations I’ve visited. Please browse….

I’d be only too happy to take your calls or emails with regards my recommendations and questions you may wish to ask me on booking with us.


Gary Heiss




Wimbledon Wedding Photography by creative professional photographer Gary Heiss, of the fabulous See Me Photography studio. Based in Furzedown, South West London SW16 I own and run a high quality wedding photography service for those couples seeking the very finest images, the most romantic, most plessing and stylish wedding images anywhere.

Passionate about making the moment come alive, I have been photographing weddings in the Wimbledon, Balham and Richmond areas of London for the past 5 years. I and my team of assistant photographers and professional videographers are always committed to making your special day something truly magical!

See Me Photography creates only the very finest wedding albums from our images, designed by Gary Heiss (your truly). Each album takes around 30-50 hours to design! They are built by a family of fantastic album makers in Portugal and we are so proud to present your finished albums to you and see the smiles as you look through your own wedding day story!