1. All photography is carried out initially in colour on the highest quality digital SLR cameras. Conversions are made to black and white or toned monochrome (for example into warm brown tones) in post production. Album images are always included on disc with the final album. Discs of your other wedding images can be ordered as an additional option to the main album.

2. All images are corrected for colour and density before posting into your private online gallery. Some images are deliberately photographed to be bright (high-key) or dark (low-key) for creative effect.

3. Discs of images (if purchased) are burnt onto DVD discs which will only work in a DVD drive on a computer. Older computers with CD Drives won’t be able to play these discs. The good news is most computers have DVD drives if within 6 years old.

4. Images selected for an album by clients may not always be suitable for inclusion if there is no cohesive flow to the story and therefore the option to increase the page numbers and include more images to make the album ‘work’ will always be offered. If this isn’t suitable then some images may need to be removed from the album after consultation.

I design the albums to reflect the day as I saw it. In essence, that combination of photographic vison and design is why you are interested in hiring me to cover the day on your behalf.

5. Album design is a creative act as important as the actual taking of the images and the Studio will always have priority in creative decisions regarding layout and images chosen. Clients are able to make suggestions for changes to images at the proofing stages and the first 5 of these will be accommodated at no cost (thereafter a change is £15  to activate) but I will clearly state when I think a clients choices are not in the albums best presentation before proceeding.

6. Album proofs and images in online galleries are deliberately made smaller than normal for ease of uploading and speed of viewing on different computer sysyems. They may appear lower resolution due to the mechanics of emailing and screen resolution. This is not a reflection on the sharpness and quality of the full resolution photographs which are the made on the most professional of Nikon cameras.

7. The pricelist offers many package options and choices to ‘mix and match’ to specific needs. Full details are in the downloadable brochure available HERE. Please call if you wish to tailor a package to your specific needs.  Call Gary on 07595 550 352

8. I am covered by Insurance for liability and indemnity. My equipment is alwayd well serviced and I make back-ups of the images both on the day and subsequently when in my office. A further secure back-up is maintained in a separate location just to be extra safe!

9. Many weddings are long days of constant hard work and access to a sandwich and soft drink whilst you are eating at the wedding breakfast would be appreciated for myself (and assistant if required). Some couples treat us to this..others don’t. It’s not an issue.

10. My images are everything to me and I will only release the edited files that I think best serve the day. Rejected files (at my discretion) will never be seen by you. Ever!

11. The attendance on the day is part of the price of the package. this covers both shooting the wedding and all the editing, design and album costs from then onwards. Hence, additional time required for me to stay at your wedding out of contracted hours will be chargeable at £125 per hour.