I think she looks like Marlene Dietrich!

Dietrich lives on! See Me Photography recreates Marlene Dietrich

This photograph was taken on a cruise ship stage of one of the dancers I knew at the time. Its shot on Tri-X film..(yup.. good old silver halide!!) and printed and toned before scanning some time ago.

I did the shoot after a show one evening as we slid through the tropical waters off Jamaica.. using the stage lights to keep the theatrical ambiance. I just like the image.. which is reason enough to place it here for you to see and judge for yourselves. Portrait and portfolio sessions are a great love of See Me Photography… have a look at the galleries section of the website for recent examples. I’d love a studio like Julia Boggio, who has a very well placed site in Merton Abbey Mills down the road from me. Good businesswoman and slick style. Very media savvy.. she reminds me of photography’s answer to Nigella Lawson (I’m sure I’ve heard that one before but what the heck!!)

I digress.. Julia is a star and I have developed a business mantra she’s be proud of.. BIGGER THAN BOGGIO!! How about that for a business plan Julia?

Portfolio sessions with See Me can take place in studio, at home or on location. We can arrange hair and makeup artists  to assist you if you wish… portraits differ from portfolios in as much as its an hour sitting in one location (you can change outfits etc as you wish). Portfolios cover a morning (or afternoon) and maybe on two different days (indoor and outdoor for instance). Priced individually by quotation the current normal fee for a disc of images, a portfolio book and a days shooting is £900. .. Half days are obviously less..

Think it over.. I’d love to hear from you with ideas about your images. Call 0800 311 8868 or email info@cinemaconfetti.co.uk

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