Carly and Jon- A Portrait at Woburn Abbey

I still keep discovering wonderful new images from the wedding at Woburn Abbey of Carly and Jon. Not only is it a prestigious location (in The Sculpture Gallery) with the Abbey as a backdrop but both of the main participants are very attractive people..(as defined by Jon’s brothers Best Man speech..Jon’s words apparently).  The weather makes a huge difference of course to any wedding and I shot one on Easter Sunday between Leanne and Hugh where it hailed right in the middle of their vows (it was outdoors at Le Gothique in Wandsworth-post to follow). Anyway-back to Woburn where it tried to rain in that fitful showery fashion so typical of English early spring- but sun did pop out for a minute or two- just as Carly and Jon posed in an archway… so good for backlight. I can’t tell you how much I love grand locations and I have a few booked this year to add to my list of castles, abbey’s and institutions… but as always a wedding is only as good as the vibe..its ultimately the people who warm the corridors and hallways with their good cheer and bonhomie!

Woburn Abbey Wedding Photography by Gary Heiss-See me Photography

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