“Artfully Creative” – The Idea

Zina has raised a great point.. “What do I mean by Arfully Creative Photography?”

If you look through my price guide this year I have described the difference between the ‘straight’ image that a camera takes and one that has been mainpulated or photoshopped to make it really come to life.

before digital, photographers. myself included, would work in darkrooms altering the brightness and shade or parts of pictures to make the subject matter really stand out.

Today, we use similar techniques but in Photoshop to change the impact of an image..taking a great shot straight from camera and presenting it with added style to make a truly fantastic image a client will fall in love with.

If this is done to a whole wedding album then you will have something really special that many ‘ordinary’ unskilled photographers cannot hope to match.

I work with computer retouching almost every day and am always learning new and exciting ways to present my clients images to them.

‘Artfully Creative’ is a CONCEPT. Its all about taking an extra step to make my photography (and YOUR IMAGES) as special and magical as can be!

Below is a before and after sample to illustrate the point….

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Creative Artworking-The Results!

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