Wedding and Portrait Photography in 2016

Woburn Abbey Wedding Photography by Gary Heiss-See me Photography

The art of you believe in strong, emotional, moving images? Photography is one of the most powerful means of communication in our world today. Why do you think every mobile phone has a camera built in? People like to record their lives and then share these experiences with friends, family or even a world of total strangers (but potential friends).

So we all have cameras don’t we. Does that make us all photographers? Possibly yes..because there’s really no ultimate definition of a photographer other than ‘someone who takes photographs’ perhaps. But good photographers? Photographers who are able to fulfill a brief (be it making images of a wedding, a newborn baby, a new car..well now that’s a very different thing altogether. The longer I spend as a photographer the more I realise that it the constant training..the use of cameras, lenses and computers that sharpen and hone my particular skills and refine my vision. If your not constantly making images then you will get rusty… like anyone involved in skilled pursuits, practice makes perfect.

The trouble with being a professional photographer today is that the creation and dissemination of images is so prevalent and so easy to do that fewer people recognise the skills required to take something precious and unrepeatable like a wedding day and create a body of work that will stand the test of time for the couple involved. Those photographs will still be drawing a response in 12 months, 24 months or even 24 years time from now…

This skill is something that some people will pay for whilst others fail to recognise it’s value (until they compare their ‘gifted amateur’ wedding images with ‘real’ one’s. Even then, some won’t be bothered and that’s fair enough, not everyone is concerned about the quality of the images generated at their wedding (could be a family portrait shoot, an engagement session or anything else people seek out a photographer for.

2013 is going to be a year when many people who delayed their wedding because of the recession will take the plunge (hey.. why is short and we are going to be financially up against it for a long time to come..)

So if that’s you…and you want to make sure that the wedding album you have made is going to be worth the wait then please please hire the right person for the job (preferably me of course!!)

Good luck and Happy 2013 to all past and future clients from Gary at See Me Photography.

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